How to Turn off Interior Lights Ford Explorer 2017

To turn off the interior lights on a Ford Explorer 2017, first make sure that all doors are closed. Then, locate the cabin light switch near the roof of the driver side door. It is usually labeled “dome” or “interior” and it should be in an off position to disable your interior lights.

If you need to enable them again, simply flip the switch back into an on position. You can also use this same switch to adjust how bright or dim you would like your interior lighting to be as well.

  • Step 1: Locate the interior light switch located on the center console
  • It is a small rectangular switch with an “On/Off” label
  • Step 2: Push and hold down the switch for about 3 seconds until you hear a click sound, indicating that it has been turned off
  • The lights will not turn back on unless you press the same switch again or open one of the doors in your Ford Explorer 2017
  • Step 3: Verify that all interior lights are off by visually checking each bulb to make sure they have gone dark
How to Turn off Interior Lights Ford Explorer 2017


How Do I Turn off the Middle Light in My Ford Explorer?

If you’re looking to turn off the middle light in your Ford Explorer, it’s a simple task. All you need to do is locate the switch on the dashboard that turns on and off the interior lights. This switch usually looks like a small toggle or round knob; depending on which model of Ford Explorer you have, this switch may be located above or near your radio controls.

Once you have identified this switch, simply flip it from “On” to “Off”, and your middle light should now be turned off! If for some reason the interior light remains lit after flipping this switch, then check your Owner’s Manual for further instructions on how to remedy this issue.

How Do You Turn off Interior Lights When a Door is Open?

When it comes to turning off interior lights when a door is open, there are several simple steps you can take. First, check if your vehicle has an automatic light switch or a manual one. If it’s the former, then the process of turning off the light should be easy: simply close the driver’s door and wait for all other doors to get shut before starting the engine.

This will turn off all interior lights automatically. Alternatively, if your car has a manual switch for this purpose then simply flip it off once you have closed all doors in order to prevent any unnecessary illumination coming from inside your car while driving. To make sure that no further undesired lighting happens during driving time (and thus avoid draining power unnecessarily), also remember to double-check that none of the cabin lights are left on after closing each door – especially at night!

Ultimately, with some basic knowledge and common sense it should not be difficult to ensure that no more than necessary amount of electricity is wasted due to leaving interior lights turned on when driving around town; doing so could even help keep fuel costs down – so always remember these few easy tips!

Why Won’T My Dome Light Turn off When I Close My Door?

If your dome light won’t turn off when you close your door, it can be an annoying and potentially costly issue. This problem is usually caused by a faulty or worn out switch in the door jamb that controls the dome light, but it could also be due to a wiring issue or even a bad bulb. If you have recently replaced the bulb and checked for loose connections with no success, then chances are you need to replace the switch in the door jamb.

This is not an overly complicated repair job but will require some basic tools like a screwdriver and pliers as well as some electrical knowledge. First, locate where the switch is mounted on either side of your car’s interior near where your front doors meet; this should be easy enough to do with just some visual inspection. Once located, remove any screws keeping it in place and disconnect any wires connected to it.

Then install your new replacement switch ensuring that all wiring is properly connected before re-screwing everything back into place securely. After doing this correctly then try opening/closing your door again – if done right, you should find that now when closing the door powering down happens immediately – mission accomplished!

What is Ambient Lighting in a 2017 Ford Explorer?

Ambient lighting in a 2017 Ford Explorer is an optional feature that provides personalized customization of the interior lighting. This system allows for light to be adjusted to match the driver’s preferences, and can even be programmed with multiple settings according to mood or driving conditions. The system includes several LED strips located around the instrument panel, door panels, footwells, and center console as well as soft-white lights along each side of the cabin.

It also features adjustable color temperatures ranging from warm white (2700K) up to cool blue (7000K). These options provide a range of illumination choices, allowing drivers to find their perfect balance between comfort and atmosphere while on their drive. In addition, it adds a touch of modern style to your vehicle’s interior with its unique look and feel that only ambient lighting can offer.

Ford Fusion – How to turn on/off interior ceiling lights

Turn off Interior Lights Ford Explorer 2018

If you would like to turn off the interior lights in your Ford Explorer 2018, there are two ways that you can accomplish this. The first is by using the dome light switch on the overhead console, which allows for manual control of the lighting. Alternatively, you could also opt to set your vehicle’s automatic headlight setting so that when it gets dark outside the car will automatically dim its interior lighting without needing any input from you.

How to Turn off Interior Lights Ford Explorer 2017 With Hatch Open

One of the most useful features in a Ford Explorer 2017 is the ability to turn off interior lights when its hatch is open. To do this, first make sure that all doors are closed. Then press and hold down the power door lock button on your center console for five seconds until you hear a chime sound.

This will deactivate the interior lights so they won’t come on when you open the hatch or any of your doors.

How to Turn off Interior Lights With Hatch Open Ford Explorer

If you have a Ford Explorer, you can easily turn off your interior lights when the hatch is open. To do this, locate the “Auto Headlamp” switch on the dash near your steering wheel and press it in until it clicks. This will enable the Auto-Dimming feature which will automatically dim or shut off your interior lights when you open the rear hatch of your vehicle.

There may be a slight delay before the lights turn off but this is normal.

How to Turn off Interior Lights Ford Explorer 2019

If you’re looking to turn off your interior lights in a Ford Explorer 2019, it’s easy! To do so, locate the headlight switch and turn it until you reach the “Off” position. The interior lights will shut off automatically.

If you want to keep them on when the doors open, just slide the switch back into its original position.


In conclusion, it is relatively easy to turn off the interior lights of a Ford Explorer 2017. When changing the settings in your car’s computer, you can select either Automatic or Off as an option for your interior lights. Additionally, if you want to manually turn them off without using the computerized system, simply use the light switch on the dashboard or door panel.

With these simple steps and knowledge of how to do so, anyone should be able to easily disable their interior lights when needed!

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