Understanding Run Power Active in Ford Fusion

“run power active” on a ford fusion means that the car’s electrical system is engaged and functioning correctly. This feature allows the car to run all of its electrical components while the engine is turned off.

The ford fusion is a popular sedan that has been in production since 2005. One of its unique features is the ability to run the car’s electrical components without having the engine on, known as “run power active. ” this feature is useful for situations where the car needs to remain on and connected to its electrical systems, such as running the radio or charging a phone. The “run power active” feature is activated by pressing the power button on the dashboard twice while the car is in park, and it will automatically turn off after approximately 20 minutes to conserve battery power. Overall, this feature adds convenience and practicality to the ford fusion’s design.

Understanding Run Power Active in Ford Fusion

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What Is The Run Power Active Feature In Ford Fusion?

Ford fusion is a popular sedan that comes equipped with a host of advanced features. One of the unique features is the run power active. But, what is run power active? This feature keeps the car’s battery charged even when the car is turned off.

It uses a sophisticated algorithm to monitor the battery’s voltage and, when necessary, provides the necessary energy to keep the car’s battery fully charged. This feature offers several benefits, including increased fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Another benefit of run power active is that it helps to reduce wear and tear on the car’s starter, which can prolong the life of the vehicle’s electrical system.

With this feature, you no longer have to worry about your car’s battery going dead when you park it for an extended period.

How Does The Run Power Active Feature Work?

The run power active feature on a ford fusion allows you to operate the vehicle’s electrical systems while the engine is turned off. It works by using a secondary battery called the auxiliary power source to provide power to the vehicle’s components, such as the radio, air conditioning, and lights.

This feature is particularly useful in situations where you need to use the car’s electrical systems without running the engine, such as when camping or tailgating. To activate run power active, simply turn off the engine while in park and then press the run power active button located on the dashboard.

The system will then switch to the auxiliary power source, allowing you to use the car’s electrical systems for up to two hours before the battery runs out.

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When Should You Use The Run Power Active Feature In Your Ford Fusion?

When using your ford fusion, you may come across the run power active feature. This feature is designed to help conserve power while idling. It is best used during extended periods of idling, such as while sitting in traffic or waiting in line.

By activating this feature, the car’s electrical systems will be powered by the battery rather than the engine. This feature can also be used during short stops, such as when waiting for someone in a parking lot. It is important to note that this feature may not be available on all ford fusion models or in all regions.

Be sure to check your owner’s manual for more information on how and when to use run power active.

Steps For Activating Run Power Active In Your Ford Fusion

Activating run power active in your ford fusion is straightforward. First, ensure your car is parked and switched on. Press the brake pedal, then press and hold the start/stop button while shifting into neutral. You then release the brake pedal and hold down both the gas and brake pedals.

When the message “ready to drive” appears on the dashboard, your ford fusion is in run power active mode and ready to go. Remember to use caution and follow traffic laws.

Steps For Deactivating Run Power Active In Your Ford Fusion

Run power active is a feature in ford fusion that keeps the engine running even when the vehicle is stopped. Although it is useful in some cases, it can be deactivated if you prefer. To turn it off, there are a few simple steps you need to follow.

First, put the car in park and turn off the ignition. Then, open the hood and locate the battery. Next, disconnect the negative cable from the battery and wait for about 5 minutes. Finally, reconnect the negative cable and start the car.

By following these steps, you can easily deactivate run power active in your ford fusion. Remember to perform this task with caution and follow the guidelines mentioned above for effective seo content writing.

Known Problems With The Run Power Active Feature In Ford Fusion

Run power active is an innovative feature in ford fusion vehicles that uses the car’s battery power to run devices or appliances while the engine is off. However, some drivers have reported several issues with this feature, causing frustration and inconvenience.

One of the primary problems is a dead battery due to run power active usage for an extended duration. Another issue is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the car is running in an enclosed space, such as a garage.

Furthermore, the car can suddenly shut off while in run power active mode, creating a dangerous situation. It is crucial to follow safety guidelines and only use this feature when necessary to avoid any potential problems.

Troubleshooting Tips For Run Power Active In Ford Fusion

If you own a ford fusion and have been experiencing the message “run power active,” don’t panic. This message typically indicates an issue with the car’s electrical system. To troubleshoot this issue, start by checking the battery’s connections and charging system.

You should also check the alternator, ignition switch, and grounding wires. If these checks don’t provide a solution, it’s best to take your car to a trusted mechanic or dealership for diagnosis and repair. By following these tips and ensuring that your car’s electrical system is in good working order, you can avoid potential issues down the road.

Remember, prevention is key in maintaining your car’s longevity.

What Are Other Features In My Ford Fusion I Can Use With Run Power Active?

Run power active is a feature that comes standard in the ford fusion. Many drivers are unaware of its potential and are missing out on additional functionality. With run power active, you can operate your vehicle’s radio, windows, climate control, and other systems without starting the engine.

This feature can come in handy when you’re waiting in line or just want to enjoy some fresh air without draining your battery. To use run power active, leave your key fob in the vehicle and press the power button without your foot on the brake.

Now that you know about this feature, you can better utilize your ford fusion’s capabilities and make the most out of your driving experience.

How Much Fuel Can Run Power Active Save?

Run power active is a unique feature present in the ford fusion that allows drivers to save fuel. This feature intelligently controls the car’s electric and gasoline engines, resulting in optimum fuel usage. The amount of fuel that can be saved with run power active depends on driving conditions and habits.

However, studies suggest that it can save up to 5% of fuel in the city and up to 9% on the highway. This feature is most effective when the car is driven in the eco mode with light acceleration. So, if you own a ford fusion and want to improve your gas mileage, give the run power active feature a try!

Can I Manually Adjust The Run Power Active Settings?

Run power active is a function on ford fusion that maintains its battery life. It automatically shifts the car to its electric mode when stopped, making it an eco-friendly option. Unfortunately, there is no manual control available to adjust the run power active settings.

This function relies on a series of sensors in the car, including speed and battery charge levels. Therefore, tampering with this system could negatively affect the car’s performance. Ford fusion is designed to optimize energy efficiency, allowing drivers to focus on the road ahead.

With the run power active technology, it is one of the most efficient cars on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Does Run Power Active Mean On A Ford Fusion

What Is Run Power Active On A Ford Fusion?

Run power active is a feature available on some ford fusion models that keeps the car’s electronic systems running while the engine is off.

How Does Run Power Active Work?

By keeping the car’s various electronic systems, such as the radio and climate control, active while the engine is off, run power active ensures that the car’s battery is constantly charged and ready for use.

Does Run Power Active Drain The Car’S Battery?

No, run power active is specifically designed to keep the car’s battery charged while the engine is off. In fact, if the car’s battery charge drops too low, run power active will automatically shut off to prevent further battery drain.


The run power active feature represents an innovative technology that enables your ford fusion to switch from the battery to the engine while driving. It can be pretty useful for people who drive their vehicle in urban areas, have stop-and-go transit and don’t want to waste fuel.

Moreover, it helps to increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and provides more cost savings. If you happen to be in the market for a new car, you should be pleased to know that the run power active feature comes standard on all ford fusion models starting from 2017.

While it might take some time to get used to it, once you understand the feature’s functionality, you can make the most efficient use of it for the benefit of your car’s longevity. In the long run, it can provide a more comfortable drive and more cost savings, which is a welcome gift for any car owner.

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