The Benefits of Air Suspension on SUVs

The suvs that come equipped with air suspension are the lincoln navigator, land rover range rover, cadillac escalade, mercedes-benz gls-class, and bmw x7. Air suspension is becoming increasingly popular with suvs as it offers an advanced level of comfort and control compared to traditional suspension systems.

This type of suspension technology uses air instead of metal springs and shock absorbers, allowing for an adjustable ride height and smoother driving experience. Some suvs also offer a self-leveling feature, which automatically adjusts the suspension to maintain a level ride even when carrying heavy loads. The lincoln navigator, land rover range rover, cadillac escalade, mercedes-benz gls-class, and bmw x7 are among the top suv models that offer air suspension as an available option.

The Benefits of Air Suspension on SUVs


Understanding Air Suspension

Air suspension is a high-tech suspension system that uses air-filled bags or bellows to provide a smoother ride. As opposed to traditional systems, this system can expand and contract based on different driving conditions. The suspension is operated by compressors and air reservoirs.

It has several benefits, including reduced vibration and noise while driving. The suspension also enhances stability and gives drivers more control over their suvs. Suvs with air suspension are also better equipped to handle off-road conditions and can be raised or lowered depending on the terrain.

Although air suspension is less common than traditional systems, it is becoming increasingly popular, especially in luxury suvs. The benefits of air suspension make it an attractive option for suv enthusiasts who want to elevate their ride to the next level.

Suvs With Air Suspension

Air suspension is an amazing feature for suv drivers. However, not all models provide air suspension as a standard offering. Many people ask the question, “what suvs have air suspension? ” there are several popular suv models that offer air suspension as an optional feature.

It includes the audi q7, mercedes-benz gle-class, and the land rover range rover. Although there are pros to having air suspension, it’s important to note the downside as well. For instance, replacing a failed air strut can be pricey and, over time, the suspension may develop leaks that necessitate expensive repairs.

As a result, before deciding on an suv with air suspension, weigh the benefits and costs of the feature.

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Air Suspension Replacement And Maintenance

Air suspension on suvs is becoming more common, providing drivers with a smoother and more comfortable ride. However, as with most parts of a car, air suspension can have issues that need to be addressed. Common problems include leaks and faults in the compressor.

To maintain air suspension, make sure to check the pressure regularly and avoid serious damage by avoiding rough terrain. It is important to keep-up with maintenance as repairing or replacing air suspension on an suv can be expensive – with costs ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

Keep in mind that the cost of replacing air suspension varies widely between car models, so do your research to avoid any surprises.

Choosing The Right Suv With Air Suspension

Air suspension is a desirable option when buying an suv. Before making a purchase, there are a few factors to consider. The most popular manufacturers that offer air suspension as an option include land rover, mercedes-benz, and cadillac. Additionally, air suspension has several advantages over other suspension systems, such as more comfortable and smoother rides, as well as improved stability.

When comparing vehicles with air suspension to those with traditional suspension systems, it is important to consider the cost and complexity of maintenance. Ultimately, the decision to purchase an suv with air suspension should be based on informed research and personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Suvs Have Air Suspension

What Is Air Suspension And Why Is It Significant In Suvs?

Air suspension is a type of vehicle suspension system that uses air springs instead of traditional metal springs. These air springs are filled with compressed air, allowing the vehicle to adjust the height and stiffness of the suspension. This technology is significant in suvs as it provides a smoother ride over rough terrain and allows the driver to adjust the height of the suspension for better ground clearance.

Additionally, air suspension can improve handling and reduce body roll, making suvs safer and more comfortable to drive.

Which Suv Brands Offer Air Suspension As A Standard Feature Or Optional Add-On?

Several suv brands offer air suspension as either a standard feature or an optional add-on. Some examples include land rover, audi, porsche, mercedes-benz, bmw, lincoln, and cadillac. It’s important to check with the specific model and trim level to see if air suspension is included or available as an add-on feature.

How Does Air Suspension Enhance The Overall Comfort And Performance Of Suvs?

Air suspension enhances the overall comfort and performance of suvs by providing a smooth ride, improved handling, and better control over the vehicle. The system works by adjusting the air pressure in the suspension based on the driving conditions, which helps to reduce vibrations and enhance stability.

This results in a more comfortable ride and greater handling capabilities, leading to improved performance on different types of terrain. Additionally, air suspension can adjust the height of the vehicle, which allows for better ground clearance and easier access to difficult terrain.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements Of Air Suspension In Suvs?

Air suspension in suvs requires regular maintenance to ensure proper functionality. This includes checking the air compressor, air springs, shocks, and associated lines for any damage or leaks. It is also important to keep the system clean and free of debris, and to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for changing filters and fluid.

Regular inspections and maintenance will help prolong the lifespan of the air suspension system in your suv.

Are There Any Disadvantages Or Drawbacks Of Air Suspension In Suvs?

Yes, there are some disadvantages or drawbacks of air suspension in suvs. Firstly, air suspension systems are more expensive to repair and maintain than traditional suspension systems. Secondly, due to their electronic and mechanical complexities, air suspension systems may be more prone to failures and malfunctions, leading to downtime and costly repairs.

Additionally, air suspension systems consume more power than traditional suspension systems, which may lead to reduced fuel efficiency. Finally, the ride height of the suv may become unstable while driving on uneven terrain or slopes, which may cause handling issues.


Air suspension has become a key feature in modern suvs. There are a variety of suvs that come equipped with air suspension, including luxury models, off-road vehicles, and family-friendly cars. Air suspension offers numerous advantages, including improved handling, a smooth ride, increased towing capacity, and more versatile off-road capabilities.

Buyers looking for suvs with air suspension should consider popular models like the audi q7, cadillac escalade, lincoln navigator, and mercedes-benz gls-class. However, it’s important to note that while air suspension does offer benefits, it may also require more regular maintenance and repairs than traditional suspension systems.

Ultimately, choosing an suv with air suspension will come down to personal preference and individual needs. With so many options on the market, it’s easier than ever to find an suv that meets your specific requirements and preferences.

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