How to Activate 4-Wheel Drive in Your Hyundai Tucson

To turn on 4-wheel drive in a hyundai tucson, simply press the 4wd lock button on the dashboard. The hyundai tucson is a popular compact suv that offers both practicality and off-road capability.

One of its standout features is its 4-wheel drive system, which provides extra traction and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. Turning on 4-wheel drive is a straightforward process that can be achieved with just the push of a button. In this article, we will explain how to activate 4-wheel drive in a hyundai tucson and provide tips for making the most of this feature. We will also discuss some of the other features and advantages of the tucson, as well as its specifications and performance. So if you’re a tucson owner or are considering purchasing one, read on to learn everything you need to know about its 4-wheel drive system.

How to Activate 4-Wheel Drive in Your Hyundai Tucson


Understanding 4-Wheel Drive

4-wheel drive or 4wd is a mode of power transfer to all wheels of an automobile, enabling greater traction over rough roads or slippery conditions. The hyundai tucson has an all-wheel drive (awd) system that is sophisticated and responsive. At normal speeds, it powers the front wheels and stabilizes the car in hazardous driving circumstances.

When the 4wd lock mode is on, power is evenly distributed to all wheels. Turn off the electronic stability control system before engaging 4wd. Push the 4wd lock button beneath the gear shift lever to activate it. When the lock is active, the car usually moves forward with noticeable difference and enhanced traction.

Remember to turn off the 4wd mode once done to resume normal driving.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Use

Before turning on 4-wheel drive, it’s essential to prepare your hyundai tucson. Begin by checking the owner’s manual for instructions on operating the system correctly. Next, inspect the 4-wheel drive system before use to ensure it’s functioning correctly. It’s also crucial to engage the parking brake before engaging the 4-wheel drive system to prevent the vehicle from accidentally moving.

Lastly, shift the vehicle into neutral before turning on 4-wheel drive to prevent any damage to the drivetrain. By following these steps, you’ll be able to safely and successfully turn on 4-wheel drive on your hyundai tucson for your next adventure.

Hyundai's "AWD Lock" feature helps keep you safer when driving and it's simple to use!

Activating 4-Wheel Drive

To activate the 4-wheel drive on your hyundai tucson, simply press the appropriate button or lever. Check for the 4-wheel drive light on the dashboard to make sure it’s engaged. Test the system by driving slowly on a flat and safe surface.

Remember to turn off the 4-wheel drive when it’s not in use. By doing so, you’ll save fuel and lessen wear and tear on your vehicle. Engaging the 4-wheel drive can enhance your vehicle’s grip in rougher terrain, providing more traction and stability.

So, if you’re planning on driving in a snowy, sandy, or muddy environment, the 4-wheel drive system can help make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Tips For Safe And Effective 4-Wheel Drive Use

Turning on the 4-wheel drive in your hyundai tucson can be a game changer when faced with poor road conditions. However, it’s important to remember to only use it when necessary, as it can be hard on your vehicle. Driving at high speeds in 4-wheel drive mode should be avoided, as it can cause unnecessary wear on the system.

Additionally, turning can be challenging in this mode, so always use caution. Regular vehicle maintenance and service checks can ensure that your 4-wheel drive system stays in great working condition. By following these tips, you’ll be able to safely navigate through difficult road conditions without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Turn On 4 Wheel Drive Hyundai Tucson

How Do I Turn On 4 Wheel Drive In My Hyundai Tucson?

Engage the 4wd system by turning the dial near the gear shifter to “4wd”. It’s recommended to do so when driving below 25 mph.

Can I Turn On 4Wd While Driving?

It’s best to engage the 4wd system when driving below 25 mph. Engaging while driving at a higher speed can result in damage to the vehicle’s drivetrain.

What Should I Do If The 4Wd Won’T Engage?

If the 4wd won’t engage, you can try resetting the system by stopping the vehicle, shifting to neutral, and restarting the engine. If this doesn’t work, bring the vehicle to a certified technician for inspection.


In this article, we have discussed the steps to turn on the four-wheel drive on a hyundai tucson. By following these simple and easy steps, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the roughest terrains. The 4wd system gives you better handling, better traction, and stability.

It is important to remember that 4wd should only be used when necessary, as it puts extra strain on your vehicle’s drivetrain, and can decrease fuel economy. Always engage the system when you need it, and then disengage it when it is no longer necessary.

So, if you are looking for a safe and smooth ride, use 4wd when you need it, and always maintain your vehicle to ensure a long-lasting, reliable performance. Try these steps and get ready to take your tucson off-road!

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