How to Turn off Air Suspension on Ram 1500

Turning off the air suspension on a Ram 1500 is relatively easy and can be done by following these steps: 1. Open the hood of your vehicle and locate the Air Suspension Relay Module, which should be a small black box located to the left of the battery. 2. Unplug it from its electrical connection and set aside in a secure location.

3. Locate your spare tire or jack located in either side/behind plastic trim panels below each door handle on both sides of your truck or behind one rear seat cushion in quad cab models, depending on how your model was equipped during purchase. 4. Remove this panel to reveal an interior access point for you to use when replacing/adjusting parts related to air suspension as necessary such as sensors etc…

5. Replace with standard shocks & springs if desired (optional). If not, skip this step but may require special tools for installation so proceed with caution! Lastly reinstall all components that were removed in reverse order and test out ride quality before driving away again safely confident that air-suspension has been turned off!

  • Open the hood of your Ram 1500 and locate the fuse box
  • This is typically found on the driver’s side near the front of the engine bay, but may be in different locations depending on your model year and trim level
  • Locate a 40-amp fuse labeled “Air Suspension” or something similar
  • Remove this fuse from its slot in order to disable air suspension functionality in your Ram 1500
  • Close up the hood and wait for several seconds before starting up your truck again; after a few moments, you should see that all messages related to air suspension have been cleared away from your dash display screen, indicating that it has been successfully disabled by removing this fuse

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Ram 1500 Air Suspension Reset

The Ram 1500 air suspension system can be reset to its factory settings for improved ride quality and performance. To do so, you must first turn off the vehicle and disconnect the negative battery cable for at least 5 minutes. After reconnecting the battery, start the engine and press down on each corner of the truck bed to allow any excess air pressure to escape from the suspension system.

Finally, cycle through all four corners again with moderate force until a soft thump is heard indicating that all of your suspension has been reset.

How to Turn off Air Suspension on Ram 1500


Can You Turn off Air Suspension?

Yes, you can turn off air suspension. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it may be possible to temporarily or permanently disable the air suspension system. If your car has manual control over its air suspension, you simply need to switch it off at the switch or knob located in your vehicle’s interior.

However, if your car is equipped with a computer-controlled system then you’ll need to access its settings through an onboard diagnostic scanner or infotainment unit in order for disabling the air suspension system. Once disabled, either manually or via a computer-controlled method, all features associated with the use of an air suspension will no longer be available until such time as you re-enable them again. It’s important that once the air suspension is turned off that any necessary maintenance should be completed prior to using any other form of ride height adjustment as this could cause unwanted stress on certain components within your cars chassis or frame structure.

Can I Drive With Air Suspension Off?

The answer to the question of whether you can drive with air suspension off is yes, but it’s important to understand what this means. Air suspension uses an adjustable spring that allows for a smoother ride than a traditional coil sprung suspension system. By turning the air suspension off, you are essentially disabling this feature and reverting back to a regular coil sprung system.

While driving with air suspension off may be fine in some cases, there are potential drawbacks that should be taken into consideration before doing so. For instance, without air suspension your car won’t have as much cushion when going over bumps in the road or taking corners at higher speeds. You could also experience increased body roll and reduced braking performance due to lack of proper weight distribution during cornering and braking maneuvers since the springs aren’t able to adjust accordingly.

Additionally, certain vehicles equipped with electronic stability control systems might not function properly if you disable your vehicle’s air suspended setup. Ultimately, while driving with your vehicle’s air suspension turned off is possible under some circumstances; it’s always best practice to consult with your mechanic beforehand if you’re considering making this change on your car or truck .

Can You Adjust Ram Air Suspension?

Yes, you can adjust Ram air suspension. The adjustable air suspension in your RAM truck is a great feature that gives you the ability to customize and fine-tune your ride height to provide a smoother, more comfortable ride for yourself and any passengers. You can also increase or decrease the stiffness of the suspension depending on what kind of driving experience you’re looking for.

Adjusting your RAM’s air suspension is relatively straightforward but there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started. First off, make sure that all four tires are inflated properly; this will help ensure an even adjustment across all four corners of the vehicle. Next, use either a jack or ramps to lift up one corner of the truck so that it’s level when adjusting each wheel independently.

Be sure not to raise it too high as this could cause damage—it should only be raised enough so that it’s about six inches off the ground for best results. Finally, use an adjustable wrench or socket set to turn both left and right adjusters until they reach your desired settings; just remember not to go overboard with adjustments as this could affect how well your suspension performs overall!

Can You Lift a Ram 1500 With Air Suspension?

Yes, you can lift a Ram 1500 with air suspension. However, it’s important to take certain precautions before attempting this modification. Air suspension systems are designed to provide a softer ride and better handling than traditional coil springs.

Unfortunately, they also require special attention when lifting in order to maintain the proper ride height and keep your vehicle safe on the road. When raising or lowering an air-sprung vehicle, it is essential that you adjust the system accordingly by adjusting either the pressure of the existing shocks or adding additional components such as helper springs for extra support. Furthermore, if any part of your lift kit requires drilling into any metal parts on your truck then make sure that these parts are sealed properly against corrosion from moisture buildup and exposure to weather elements like snow and rain.

Finally, always consult a qualified technician before making any modifications so they can ensure everything is done correctly and safely!


In conclusion, turning off the air suspension on a Ram 1500 is not necessarily difficult but it does require some effort. With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily turn off your air suspension in just a few steps. Just remember to check with your owner’s manual for specific instructions as each model may differ slightly.

If all else fails, contact an experienced mechanic who will be able to effectively disable or repair any other issues that you may have encountered while trying to turn off your air suspension.


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