How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver: Quick Tricks

To start a car with a flat head screwdriver, insert the screwdriver into the ignition and turn it. This method should only be used in emergencies or if you own the vehicle.

Starting a car without a key may seem daunting, but it is sometimes necessary. Whether you have lost your keys or they have been stolen, knowing how to start your car with a flat head screwdriver can be a lifesaver.

This technique is particularly useful for older car models with simpler ignition systems. Always ensure you have legal permission to start the vehicle this way. Misuse can lead to damage or legal consequences. In this guide, we will explore the steps to safely and effectively start your car using a flat head screwdriver.

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver: Quick Tricks


The Necessity Of Unconventional Methods

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

Losing your keys can be very stressful. You may need to start your car quickly. A flat head screwdriver can help you in such cases. This is a temporary solution. Always seek professional help if possible. A flat head screwdriver can turn the ignition. Insert it carefully into the keyhole. Turn the screwdriver like a key. The car may start if done correctly.

Emergencies require quick action. Your car might need to move fast. A flat head screwdriver can save you time. Always keep one in your car. This tool can be a lifesaver. Use it only if you have no other options. Practice safety first. Make sure you know what you are doing. Call for help as soon as possible.

Legal Considerations Before You Start

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

Always prove you own the car before starting it with a screwdriver. Show your car registration and ID if asked. This helps prevent misunderstandings with the police. You should also let your neighbors know. This can stop them from calling the police.

People might think you’re stealing the car. This can lead to serious trouble. The police might arrest you. You could face legal charges. Always be clear about your actions. This helps keep you safe from misunderstandings.

Essential Tools For The Task

Starting a car with a flat head screwdriver requires specific essential tools and knowledge. This method involves using the screwdriver to turn the ignition switch, bypassing the need for a key. Make sure to follow proper safety precautions to avoid damaging the vehicle’s ignition system.

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

Choosing The Right Screwdriver

A flat head screwdriver is essential for this task. It should be sturdy and durable. The tip must fit well into the ignition slot. A short handle screwdriver works best. It gives you better control. Avoid using a long handle screwdriver. It might be harder to manage.

Additional Items You May Need

Other tools might be useful. A pair of pliers can be handy. You might also need a small flashlight. It helps you see inside the ignition. A piece of cloth can protect your hands. Always have a spare key just in case.

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver: Quick Tricks


Preparation Steps

Gather necessary tools, including a flat head screwdriver. Ensure the car is in neutral or park. Locate the ignition switch panel.

Safety First

Always prioritize safety. Ensure the car is in a secure location. Turn off the engine and engage the parking brake. Wear protective gloves to avoid injuries. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies. Never attempt this on someone else’s car without permission. This can be illegal and dangerous. Understand that this method is for emergencies only.

Vehicle Positioning

Position your vehicle on a flat surface. Make sure the area is well-lit. This helps you see what you are doing. Open the car’s hood to access the engine. Ensure there is enough space around the car to move freely. Engage the parking brake for added safety. Make sure no one is near the car when you start working.

Accessing The Steering Column

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

First, use the flat head screwdriver to remove the screws. The screws hold the steering column cover in place. Be gentle to avoid breaking the cover. Carefully pull the cover off once the screws are out. This exposes the internal parts of the steering column. Keep the screws in a safe place to avoid losing them.

After removing the cover, locate the ignition switch. The ignition switch usually has wires connected to it. Look for a small box near the steering wheel. Use the screwdriver to identify the correct switch. Make sure not to damage any wires. Knowing the location of the ignition switch is crucial for starting the car.

The Starting Process

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

Insert the flat head screwdriver into the ignition switch. Turn the screwdriver clockwise. This mimics the motion of a key. Be firm but gentle to avoid damage. The car should start if done correctly. Listen for engine sounds to confirm.

Check the battery if the car does not start. Ensure the screwdriver is seated properly in the ignition switch. If the screwdriver slips, realign it and try again. Consult a mechanic if the car still won’t start. Avoid forcing the screwdriver to prevent damage.

Post-start Checks

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

Once the engine starts, check the dashboard lights. Make sure there are no warning lights on. Listen for any unusual sounds from the engine. These can be signs of a problem. Ensure the car is in park or neutral before moving. Press the brake pedal to test it. It should feel firm and responsive. Check the steering wheel. It should move smoothly and without resistance. Look at the fuel gauge. Make sure there is enough fuel for your trip.

Turn on the headlights. This ensures other drivers can see you. Activate the windshield wipers if it is raining. Check the mirrors. Adjust them for a clear view. Fasten your seatbelt for safety. Confirm all passengers are also buckled up. Look around your car. Ensure the area is clear of obstacles and people. Drive slowly at first to make sure the car runs smoothly.

Alternative Methods And Tips

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

Hotwiring a car can be risky. It may damage the car’s electrical system. It may also be illegal in many places. Always check the laws in your area. Hotwiring requires specific skills and tools. It’s not a simple task for most people. Consider the risks before attempting this method.

Professional help is often safer and faster. Mechanics have the right tools and experience. They can start your car without causing damage. DIY methods can be cheaper, but they come with risks. You might damage your car or hurt yourself. Weigh the pros and cons before deciding.

Long-term Solutions

Starting a car with a flat head screwdriver may offer a temporary fix but can damage the ignition. Consider long-term solutions like key replacement or professional repairs to avoid further issues.

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

Replacing The Ignition

Replacing the ignition is a smart move for a long-term fix. A new ignition ensures your car starts safely. Professional help might be needed for this job. Ignition replacement can be complex. Quality parts make a big difference in performance. Choose an ignition that suits your car model. Safety should always come first.

Key Replacement Services

Key replacement services offer a quick solution. Losing a key can be stressful. Professional services provide new keys fast. Some services even come to your location. It’s important to have a spare key. A new key can be made from the original. This service is helpful in emergencies.

Preventive Measures For The Future

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver

Regularly check your car keys for wear and tear. Make sure to clean them often. This prevents dirt build-up. Keep a spare key handy. Store it in a safe place. Avoid bending or dropping your keys.

Install advanced anti-theft devices in your car. These can include alarms and steering wheel locks. GPS tracking is also a good option. This helps in quickly locating your car if stolen. Consider a kill switch. This prevents the engine from starting without the key.

How to Start a Car With a Flat Head Screwdriver: Quick Tricks


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Start The Ignition With A Screwdriver?

Starting a car with a screwdriver involves removing the ignition switch cover. Insert the screwdriver into the ignition slot. Turn it like a key to start the engine. This method may damage the ignition system and is not recommended. Always use the proper key or consult a professional.

How Do I Start My Car With A Flat Head?

Use a flat head screwdriver to turn the ignition switch. Insert it into the key slot and twist.

How To Bypass The Ignition Switch To Start A Car?

To bypass the ignition switch, locate the wiring harness under the steering column. Connect the battery wire to the ignition wire. Then, connect the starter wire. Be careful, as this can be dangerous and illegal without proper authorization. Always seek professional help if unsure.

How Do You Make A Starter Turn Over With A Screwdriver?

To turn over a starter with a screwdriver, connect the screwdriver to the starter solenoid terminals. Ensure the ignition is off. Touch the screwdriver to both terminals simultaneously to create a circuit. This will engage the starter.


Starting a car with a flat head screwdriver is a handy skill. Always ensure you follow safety precautions. This method should be your last resort. It’s best to seek professional help when possible. Knowledge like this can be useful in emergencies.

Stay prepared and drive safely!

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