How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3: Quick Guide

To spray windshield wiper fluid on a Tesla Model 3, pull the wiper stalk towards you. The wipers will activate automatically.

Keeping your windshield clean is crucial for safe driving. The Tesla Model 3 makes this easy with its intuitive wiper fluid spray system. Regularly using wiper fluid helps maintain clear visibility by removing dirt, bugs, and other debris. Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your wiper blades and keeps your windshield in top condition.

Knowing how to efficiently operate this feature enhances your driving experience. Make sure your wiper fluid reservoir is always filled to avoid any inconvenience. This simple yet essential task contributes to safer and more enjoyable journeys.

Introduction To Tesla Model 3’s Wiper System

Learn to spray windshield wiper fluid in the Tesla Model 3 with ease. Follow simple steps for a clear view. Keep your windshield spotless and drive safely.

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

Innovative Features

The Tesla Model 3 has a very advanced wiper system. It uses sensors to detect rain and automatically adjusts the wiper speed. This means you don’t have to worry about changing the wiper speed yourself. The wipers are also very quiet and smooth. They do not make much noise when they are working. This makes driving in the rain more pleasant.

Importance Of Maintenance

Keeping your wiper system in good shape is very important. It helps you see clearly when it rains. Make sure to check the wiper fluid level often. Always have enough fluid in the tank. Use good quality wiper fluid to avoid streaks on the windshield. Replace the wiper blades if they are worn out. This will help you stay safe on the road.

Tools And Supplies Needed

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

Choose the right windshield wiper fluid for your Tesla Model 3. It is important to use a fluid that can handle extreme temperatures. Some fluids are designed for winter, while others are good for summer. Always read the label to know which is best. Using the wrong fluid can damage your car.

You will need a funnel to pour the fluid. A clean funnel keeps dirt out of the fluid tank. Also, have a clean cloth to wipe any spills. These tools help make the job easier and keep your car clean.

Locating The Fluid Reservoir

Locate the fluid reservoir under the front trunk of your Tesla Model 3. Open the frunk and find the blue cap marked with a windshield icon.

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

Step-by-step Access

Open the front trunk of your Tesla Model 3. Look for the blue cap with a windshield wiper icon. This cap is the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. Remove the cap by twisting it counterclockwise. Pour the windshield wiper fluid into the reservoir. Be careful not to overfill it. Twist the cap back on clockwise until it is secure.

Safety Precautions

Always use approved windshield wiper fluid. Never mix different types of fluid. Keep the fluid away from your eyes and skin. Store fluid in a safe place away from children. Make sure the car is off and cool before you start. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3: Quick Guide


Preparing To Refill Fluid

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

Open the front trunk of your Tesla Model 3. Look for the blue windshield washer cap. It usually has a windshield icon on it. Unscrew the cap to access the fluid reservoir. Check the fluid level by peering inside the reservoir. Make sure the fluid is above the minimum line. If the fluid level is too low, it’s time to refill it.

Draining old fluid ensures you have fresh and effective wiper fluid. Use a siphon pump to remove the old fluid. Place the pump’s tube into the reservoir. Pump out the old fluid into a container. Dispose of the old fluid properly. Now, your reservoir is ready for new fluid.

Refilling The Wiper Fluid

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

Pour the wiper fluid slowly into the reservoir. Make sure not to spill any fluid. Use a funnel to avoid splashes. Keep the bottle steady while pouring the fluid. Take your time to pour the fluid.

Do not overfill the reservoir. Stop pouring when the fluid reaches the max line. Check the cap and ensure it is tight. Avoid using non-recommended fluids. Keep the area clean from dirt and debris.

Activating The Wiper Fluid Spray

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has an easy-to-use control panel. Locate the car’s control panel on the touch screen. Tap the car icon at the bottom left. Select the “Service” option from the menu. You will see a list of service options. Find and select “Wiper Service Mode”. This prepares the wipers for fluid spray. Ensure the wipers are not obstructed before proceeding.

Manual activation of the wiper fluid is straightforward. Locate the stalk on the right side of the steering wheel. Pull the stalk towards you. This will spray the windshield wiper fluid. The wipers will automatically activate. Repeat the process if necessary. Always check the fluid level to ensure it’s adequate. Replace the fluid when it runs low.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

Check if the nozzles are clogged. Clean them with a pin or needle. Ensure the fluid reservoir is full. Low fluid levels can cause this issue. Inspect the washer pump for any signs of damage. Replace it if needed.

Verify the washer fluid hose is connected. Sometimes it can become loose or disconnected. Look for any kinks or blockages in the hose. Straighten or replace the hose if necessary. Check the washer pump’s operation. It should make a sound when activated. Test the electrical connections to the pump. Ensure they are secure and undamaged.

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3: Quick Guide


Regular Maintenance Tips

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3

Check the windshield wiper fluid every month. This keeps the system working well. Fill the fluid when it gets low. This helps to keep your windshield clean. Always keep an eye on the fluid level. This is important for safe driving.

Use winter fluid in colder months. This prevents the fluid from freezing. Summer fluid works best in warmer months. It can clear bugs and dirt better. Always have extra fluid in your car. This is useful for long trips or bad weather. Different seasons need different fluids. Make sure to use the right one.

Enhancing Wiper Fluid Performance

Discover the best way to spray windshield wiper fluid on your Tesla Model 3. Ensure clear visibility by activating the wiper fluid system with ease.

Additives For Improved Cleaning

Use additives to boost wiper fluid cleaning power. They help remove dirt and grime. Choose additives that prevent streaks on the windshield. Some additives also offer anti-freeze properties. This helps in cold weather conditions. Always follow the instructions on the additive bottle. It ensures proper mixing with the wiper fluid.

Choosing Eco-friendly Options

Eco-friendly wiper fluids are better for the environment. They contain fewer chemicals. This reduces harm to nature. Look for labels that say “biodegradable” or “non-toxic”. These fluids clean just as well as regular ones. They also protect your car’s windshield wipers. Make a small change for a big impact on the planet.

How to Spray Windshield Wiper Fluid Tesla Model 3: Quick Guide


Conclusion: Ensuring Clear Vision

Ensure clear vision by regularly spraying windshield wiper fluid on your Tesla Model 3. Maintain optimal visibility and safety on the road.

Recap Of Steps

First, open the hood of your Tesla Model 3. Locate the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. Next, remove the cap from the reservoir. Then, pour the windshield wiper fluid into the reservoir. Finally, replace the cap and close the hood. These steps help keep your windshield clean and clear.

Benefits Of Regular Upkeep

Regular upkeep of your windshield wiper fluid is important. It helps in maintaining clear visibility. Clean windshields can prevent accidents. It also prolongs the life of your wiper blades. Regular checks ensure you never run out of fluid. This is especially important in bad weather. Routine maintenance keeps your Tesla Model 3 in top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Spray Windshield Fluid On A Tesla Model 3?

To spray windshield fluid on a Tesla Model 3, pull the right-hand stalk towards you. This activates the washers.

How Do You Control Windshield Wipers On A Tesla Model 3?

Control the windshield wipers on a Tesla Model 3 using the touchscreen or the left-hand stalk button. Adjust speed via touchscreen settings.

How To Activate Windshield Wiper Fluid?

To activate windshield wiper fluid, locate the control lever on your steering column. Pull or press the lever. The fluid will spray onto the windshield, and wipers will automatically activate. Ensure the fluid reservoir is filled for proper operation.

Do Teslas Need Special Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Teslas do not require special windshield wiper fluid. Use any high-quality washer fluid suitable for all vehicles. Always check the owner’s manual for recommendations.


Mastering how to spray windshield wiper fluid in your Tesla Model 3 is straightforward. Regular maintenance ensures clear visibility and safety. Follow the steps above to keep your windshield spotless. Stay proactive with your car’s upkeep for a smoother, safer driving experience.

Enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained Tesla.

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