How to Close Rear Windows on Dodge Caravan

To close the rear windows on a Dodge Caravan, first open the driver’s side door and locate the power window switch panel. This should be located near the driver’s seat on the left side of the vehicle. Use your finger to press down on each rear window switch until you hear a click indicating that it has been activated.

Then, use both hands to pull up firmly on each rear window until it is completely closed. Make sure that when you are pulling up, you also push in slightly so that all sides of the window are flush with their respective frames. It may take some practice to get this right but once you do, closing your rear windows will become second nature.

  • Locate the rear window switches: Depending on the model of Dodge Caravan, you will find either two or three window switches next to each other in the center console near the gear shift lever
  • The rear windows are always controlled by one switch located further away from the driver than the rest
  • Push and hold down the specific switch for your desired window: Press and hold down this switch until it stops clicking, which generally takes about two seconds
  • This indicates that you have successfully activated Auto-Close mode for that particular window
  • Close all remaining open windows: Once you have activated Auto-Close mode for a particular rear window, press and hold down any other open windows’ buttons until they stop clicking as well to close them too using Auto-Close mode
  • 4 Release all buttons when done closing windows: After all desired windows are closed, release any held down buttons on both sets of switches simultaneously to complete your task of closing all rear windows with Auto-Close mode enabled on your Dodge Caravan!
How to Close Rear Windows on Dodge Caravan


How Do You Close the Back Windows on a 2010 Dodge Caravan?

To close the back windows on a 2010 Dodge Caravan, first locate the window switch. Depending on your model, it may be located in one of several places: On the driver’s side door panel near the handle, or at either end of center console between front seats. Now press down until you hear a clicking sound indicating that it has been activated and then press up to make sure all windows are closed.

If there is no click from the switch when pressed down, this means that window lock feature is enabled and must be disabled before closing any windows. To do this, look for an adjacent button marked “Lock” or “Window Lock” and press it once to disable lock mode. Then you can use the window switch as normal to close all rear windows in succession until they are all fully shut.

Do Dodge Caravan Rear Windows Roll Down?

Yes, the rear windows in a Dodge Caravan roll down. The window controls are located on the driver and passenger doors, allowing you to open or close both of the rear windows at once. There is also an override switch located on the dashboard that allows you to keep all of the windows closed when needed for safety reasons.

While opening your car’s windows can be great for ventilation during warm months, it’s important to make sure that nothing dangerous gets into your vehicle while they are rolled down – especially if there are children in the back seat! Keep an eye out for any debris or objects that may come into contact with your car as a result of having its rear windows open.

How Do You Reset the Windows on a Dodge Caravan?

Resetting the windows on a Dodge Caravan can be an intimidating task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately, resetting the windows is a fairly straightforward process that requires only basic tools and knowledge. Before attempting to reset your windows, make sure to read up on your vehicle’s manual to ensure that you understand all of the safety precautions involved with this type of repair.

To begin, locate the fuse box in your Dodge Caravan and remove any fuses related to window functions such as power locks or motors. Once these are removed, disconnect both battery terminals from their corresponding posts and wait for approximately 10 minutes before reconnecting them again. This will allow enough time for all electrical components connected to the system to reset properly.

Next, roll down each window individually while holding down its respective switch until you hear three distinct clicks; this indicates that each window has been correctly programmed into the system memory. Finally, re-attach any fuses previously disconnected from the fuse box and test out all of your windows – they should now function normally! With patience and attention-to-detail following these steps should help get those pesky car windows working perfectly again in no time!

Do Dodge Grand Caravan Windows Roll Down?

Yes, Dodge Grand Caravan windows do roll down. This is an incredibly helpful feature of the vehicle because it allows you to easily adjust the temperature and ventilation in your car without having to open a door or window. In addition, this can be especially beneficial for people who have allergies as they don’t need to expose themselves directly to outside air that could contain allergens.

The process of rolling down a window on a Dodge Grand Caravan is relatively straightforward and requires little effort. To begin, simply press the switch located on either side of the car near each respective window; doing so will cause the glass panel to retract downward into its frame until it reaches its desired level of openness. Additionally, some models may come with an express-down feature which enables all four windows (or two if only front doors are present) to be lowered quickly by pressing and holding down said switch.

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How to Close Rear Windows on Dodge Caravan 2016

Closing the rear windows on a Dodge Caravan 2016 is an easy process. First, press and hold the unlock button located near the driver’s side door handle. Then use the switch located in the center console to close all of the rear windows at once, or you can use each individual switch to close one window at a time.

Once you have closed all of your desired windows, press and hold the lock button again to secure them from being opened from outside of your vehicle.


In conclusion, closing the rear windows on a Dodge Caravan is an easy task that can be completed in only a few steps. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully and ensure all of the doors are properly sealed for optimal protection from outside elements. With this knowledge, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family rides comfortably and safely with each journey they take in their Dodge Caravan.

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