Can You Lift a Car from the Differential

No, it is not possible to lift a car from the differential. The differential is an important part of the vehicle’s drivetrain which allows for power to be distributed from the engine to either one or both of its axles, allowing for different speeds when turning corners. It does not have any structural strength and lifting a car by its differential could cause damage to other parts of the vehicle as well as potentially injuring anyone attempting such an action.

Therefore, lifting a car with only its differential is impossible and should never be attempted due to safety concerns.

  • Jack up the Car: Use a jack to lift the car off of its wheels and prop it up with jack stands for safety
  • Make sure to place the jack stands on solid ground, such as concrete or gravel, not dirt or grass
  • Remove Wheel Hub Cover: Locate and remove any wheel hub cover that is blocking access to your differential housing bolts; you may need a wrench set depending on your vehicle’s design
  • Unscrew Differential Bolts: Using a socket set, loosen and remove all of the bolts from around the edge of your differential housing so that it can be removed from beneath your car without further disassembly work being required (such as disconnecting drive shafts)
  • Lift Out Differential Housing: With all bolts removed, use a hydraulic floor jack or engine hoist to slowly raise out your differential housing from beneath the car until it is clear of any obstructions underneath it (like exhaust pipes)
  • From here you will be able to inspect/repair/replace whichever components are necessary within your differential assembly before proceeding with re-installation steps below!

Jeep Commander Rear Differential Lifting Tutorial

Can You Jack Up a Truck by the Front Differential

Yes, you can jack up a truck by the front differential. However, for safety reasons it is important to use caution and proper technique when doing so. The best way to jack up your truck using the differential is to first make sure that your vehicle is in park or neutral gear before jacking it up, as well as making sure that all tires are on level ground.

Once these steps have been completed, then place a floor jack underneath the center of the front axle and slowly raise until you reach desired height. It’s important not to lift too quickly or too high as this could cause damage to your vehicle’s undercarriage or other components.

Can You Lift a Car from the Differential


Can You Jack Up the Rear of a Car by the Differential?

The answer to this question is yes, you can jack up the rear of a car by the differential. This method is an alternative to jacking up your vehicle from underneath the frame and should only be used when necessary. When lifting a car by its differential, it’s important that you use all safety precautions such as wearing protective gear and using jack stands for added stability in case something were to go wrong.

In addition, it’s best practice to always lift one side of the vehicle at a time so that no extra strain is put on any part of the drivetrain or suspension system. To begin jacking up your car via its differential, first locate where your differential sits beneath your vehicle and ensure there are no obstructions surrounding it before placing a block of wood under each side. Next place your floor jack directly underneath either end of the differential housing (not between) then raise until you have enough clearance for whatever task needs completing.

Finally insert appropriate sized axle stands into position before fully lowering down onto them – never rely solely on just one wheel being elevated with only the floor jack supporting it!

Can You Jack a Car from the Axle?

The short answer to the question of whether or not you can jack a car from the axle is no. While it may be possible to lift a car off its wheels by jacking up just one end, doing so will likely cause more harm than good and could even result in damage to both the vehicle and your safety. When lifting any vehicle, it’s important that both axles are supported evenly with two jacks – this ensures that weight is distributed correctly which prevents further damage from being done.

Additionally, when placing jack stands under each axle for support, make sure they’re placed on solid ground and tightly secured before getting underneath the car to work. Taking these precautions will ensure that you don’t accidentally put yourself at risk while attempting to lift your vehicle off its wheels.

Can You Jack a Car from the Subframe?

No, you can’t jack a car from the subframe. The subframe is a structural component of a vehicle which is mounted to its body or chassis that supports other components such as the engine and transmission. It is not designed to bear weight when lifting up the entire vehicle with a jack.

Additionally, jacking up cars by their subframes can cause damage to both the frame itself and the surrounding components due to uneven stress distribution. To safely lift your car off of the ground, it’s best practice to use axle stands or wheel ramps in order to support all four corners of your car evenly while also ensuring its safety during maintenance tasks such as tire rotation or oil changes.

Can You Jack Up a Car in Gear?

It is possible to jack up a car while it is in gear, but it should only be done if absolutely necessary. If you are going to attempt this procedure, make sure that the vehicle is on level ground and that the parking brake has been engaged before doing anything else. It’s also important to ensure that all four wheels are off the ground before jacking up any part of the vehicle.

Additionally, placing blocks or chocks behind its rear tires can help prevent a rolling accident from occurring once you start lifting the car into place. Once these precautions have been taken, you can use either a floor jack or scissor jack to raise one corner at a time until all four corners are evenly lifted off the ground. Always remember to never get underneath an unsecured vehicle and never leave tools or other objects beneath it as well.

Finally, always lower your car back onto its own weight when finished with whatever repairs or adjustments need making; using ramps instead of jacks for long-term storage will also save wear and tear on suspension components over time!


In conclusion, lifting a car from the differential is possible in certain situations. It requires a large piece of machinery to safely and effectively lift the vehicle, and should only be done by someone with experience or knowledge of how to do so. Lifting a car from any other part can cause damage to the suspension components if not done correctly.

Therefore it is important to understand what you are doing before attempting this task.

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